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Filing Date Document Type Description Filed By
11/29/2010, added by webmaster 1/13/2011Notice of HearingNotice of HearingAgency - Robert Lane
12/22/2010, posted by webmaster 1/13/2011Notice of AppearanceNotice of AppearanceApplicant - Patrick J. McGroder
12/22/2010, posted by webmaster 1/13/2011Motion to ContinueMotion to ContinueApplicant - Patrick J. McGroder
12/29/2010, posted by webmaster 1/13/2011Notice of AppearanceNotice of Appearance - Southwest AmbulanceIntervenor - Lawrence Rosenfeld
1/3/2011, posted by webmaster 1/13/2011Response to Motion to ContinueADHS Response to Applicant's Motion to ContinueAgency - Kevin Ray
1/3/2011, posted by webmaster 1/13/2011List of Witnesses and ExhibitsADHS List of Witnesses; Exhibits,Statement of LawAgency - Kevin Ray
1/7/2011, posted by webmaster 1/13/2011Pre-Hearing OrderMinute Entry Setting Prehearing ConferenceAdministrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
1/27/2011Pre-Hearing OrderCase Management Order No. 1Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
2/3/2011Pre-Hearing OrderCase Management Order No. 2Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
2/23/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)NOTICE OF APPEARANCE OF CO-COUNSEL FOR APPLICANT PMT AMBULANApplicant - Philip R. Wooten
3/11/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)Southwest Ambulance of Casa Grande's Motion to InterveneIntervenor - Lynne C. Adams
3/11/2011List of Witnesses and ExhibitsAPPLICANT’S INITIAL LIST OF WITNESSES AND EXHIBITSApplicant - Philip R. Wooten
3/11/2011Pre-Hearing MemorandumAPPLICANT’S INITIAL STATEMENT OF LAW, RULES, OR POLICYApplicant - Philip R. Wooten
3/14/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)Rural/Metro (Maricopa) Petition for InterventionIntervenor - Paul J. McGoldrick
3/14/2011Notice of Correction of, or Addition to, Previously Submitted Document (specified in document description)Notice of Errata Intervenor - Paul McGoldrick
3/15/2011List of Witnesses and ExhibitsSouthwest Ambulance's Initial List of Witnesses, Exhibits, &Intervenor - Lawrence J. Rosenfeld
3/18/2011Response to Misc. Motion (specified in description)ADHS' Consolidated Response to Motions to InterveneAgency - Kevin Ray
3/18/2011Response to Misc. Motion (specified in description)APPLICANT’S RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION MOTIONSApplicant - Philip R. Wooten
3/24/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)Notice of AppearanceIntervenor - Ronna L. Fickbohm
3/25/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)Buckeye Valley's Motion for Order Allowing InterventionIntervenor - Ronna L. Fickbohm
3/28/2011Response to Misc. Motion (specified in description)ReplyIntervenor - Lynne C. Adams
3/28/2011Misc. NoticeAdvisement- Added E-Mail AddresseesWebmaster - Webmaster
3/29/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)Life Line Ambulance Service Inc.'s Motion to InterveneIntervenor - Paul L. Roberts
3/29/2011Response to Misc. Motion (specified in description)ADHS' Response to Buckeye Valley's Motion to InterveneAgency - Kevin Ray
3/29/2011Response to Misc. Motion (specified in description)ADHS' Response to Life Line Ambulance's Motion to InterveneAgency - Kevin Ray
5/13/2011Misc. Motion (specified in description)Southwest's Request for Issuance of Subpeona Duces TecumIntervenor - Lawrence J. Rosenfeld
5/20/2011Granting Motion to ContinueCASE MANAGEMENT ORDER No. 3Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
9/20/2011Pre-Hearing MemorandumSTATUS REPORTPetitioner - Philip R. Wooten
10/19/2011Motion for telephonic appearanceMotion for Order Allowing Telephonic Appearance and OrderIntervenor - Ronna L. Fickbohm
10/20/2011Motion for telephonic appearanceRequest for Telephonic Appearance and OrderIntervenor - Paul L. Roberts
10/21/2011Order re: telephonic appearanceCase Management Order No. 4Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
10/24/2011Order re: telephonic appearanceCASE MANAGEMENT ORDER NO. 5 Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
10/26/2011Pre-Hearing OrderCASE MANAGEMENT ORDER NO. 6 Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden
2/14/2012Misc. Motion (specified in description)PMT’S NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OF APPLICATION, WITHOUT PREJUDICEApplicant - Philip R. Wooten
2/16/2012Order Vacating HearingCASE MANAGEMENT ORDER No. 6Administrative Law Judge - Thomas Shedden

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