State of Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings

OAH Electronic Motion Submission (Steps 1-11)

3. Your Telephone Number (including area code):

4. Your Mailing Address:

5. To:

7. Pending Hearing Date:

8. You may submit your motion by entering the motion and grounds on this form (see 8a), or you may submit
an existing document as an attachment (see 8b). You may also do both if necessary.

If you are filing this motion on behalf of another person, you must identify that person and your relationship
to that person (guardian, office manager, etc.)

    8a. Motion and grounds (enter text or attach document):

          (Attachments should be less than 10MB -- smaller is better)

9. IMPORTANT: Every party must make sure that all other parties are notified and given a copy of any motion or letter sent to an administrative law judge.
(See OAH Procedural Rule R2-19-108(E).)

You may choose to automatically notify other parties by e-mail (see 8a), or you may manually send notices to other parties via some other method such as postal mail or fax; in that case you must enter those addresses in 8b.

        9a. Additional parties to be notified by e-mail:         
         (Separate e-mail addresses with spaces)
         A copy of this motion (including any attached file) will be automatically sent to each e-mail address that you enter in the e-mail notification box.

        9b. Other parties that have been notified:
        (Include name, notification method, address, telephone number, or fax number, etc.)

10. Entering the word AGREE in the signature space below constitutes my certification that I have read the document, that I have a good faith basis for
submission of the document, and that it is not filed for the purpose of delay or harassment.


Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation page if your submission was successful. If you receive anything other than a confirmation page,
you must resubmit your motion. Keep a copy of your confirmation page as proof of service.